*Fabric Memo* Chantilly Minimalist - Lisbeth Lilac

*Fabric Memo* Chantilly Minimalist - Lisbeth Lilac

6" x 6" fabric memo of Chantilly Minimalist pattern in Lisbeth Lilac colorway.


An elegant half drop repeat with monochromatic “French fit” old English roses beautifully screen printed on a richly woven Belgian linen.

Named for the Parisian Prince de Conde, Chantilly was a once great Westmoreland County wood frame house on Virginia’s Potomac River. Ravaged by British canon shells during the War of 1812, Chantilly was not rebuilt after the devastating effects of war.

Maiden Maxwell’s Chantilly Minimalist pattern is inspired by the popular volumes of hand painted and engraved natural history plates of the late-18th century that would have been popular in households such as Chantilly.


100% Belgian Linen sustainably produced by Libeco.

Fabric Notes: As the producer of our fine Belgian linen, Libeco is a certified CO2 neutral company. Flax, by its nature, is an environmentally sustainable crop as it requires no irrigation during the growing cycle and is naturally pest resistant. We encourage you to read more about Libeco’s sustainability footprint here.

Fabric Print Method: hand silkscreen with natural pigment inks

Fabric Print Location: made to order in the USA


1 week